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Russell Seitz is a Fellow of the Department of Physics at Harvard University.

Deep Thoughts

The Strategic Beer Initiative

The Strategic Beer Initiative

February 06, 2014

As cultures ancient and modern continue their clash along the bleeding arc from

Afternoon Delight

Weapon of Mass Infarction

Weapon of Mass Infarction

November 27, 2013

Though she was short, squat, and still learning to read at age forty, none who


Hurricane Gore Arrives Onshore

Hurricane Gore Arrives Onshore

October 30, 2013

Board up the TV screen and plug your ears with seaweed, boys! Hurricane Gore


The Death of Elitist Sports

The Death of Elitist Sports

September 27, 2013

Where would college football be if games were played only every other year and


Sailing on Air

Sailing on Air

September 11, 2013

Seven score and twenty-something years ago, a boat crossed the Atlantic from


Playing Polo in Heaven

Playing Polo in Heaven

June 27, 2013

For somewhere a long way from anywhere, Nanga Parbat is a pretty lively place.


They Also Serve

They Also Serve

January 23, 2012

The Occupy movement brags that the parks it seized once hosted Depression-era

Planet Earth

A Vast Mass of Gas

A Vast Mass of Gas

June 24, 2011

My sometime college classmate and debate judge, Al, has just published a very

Heart of Darkness

A Good Day in Abbottabad

A Good Day in Abbottabad

May 04, 2011

Though Abbottabad’s eponymous founder might approve of the rough justice OBL

Lit Crit

The Neocon Lyre

October 12, 2008

What a Rich Pyre!, by Russell Setiz Being a poem in the style of “Under Which

The Godzilla Regata

June 07, 2008

In 1983, I watched the New York Yacht Club’s 132 year winning streak terminated

Hail To The Great She Elephant

June 05, 2008

In “Just Say No to Billary,” my friend G. Tracy Mehan, III writes that “ If

The South Has Rose Again

June 02, 2008

Secessionists,rejoice: no nation outdistances Bolivia in the ferocity of its

Our Man In Zamboanga

May 29, 2008

His usual venues rendered septic by Press Secretary McClellan’s defection,

The Frum of All Fears

May 23, 2008

’ Have the Republicans run out of ideas?  ’ asks The New Yorker.  In the

The Crash of 2008

May 21, 2008

If you think the American economy has its troubles, look at al Qaeda’s

Tobacco & FirearmsAlcohol

Do Try This At Home

May 18, 2008

The cultural contrast between intriguing guests and apparently brain dead yack

The Arsenal Of Time

May 09, 2008

Taki writes in The Truth About The Good War of“the madness that gripped

Alcohol-Tobacco-Firearms: The Hunt For Red November

May 05, 2008

The road to the White House often intersects the path of rapidly moving

The Next President Johnson?

May 03, 2008

TORY !  TORY!  TORY! 43’s New Labour pals went to bed to rest up for Red

Beneath The Southern Cross

May 02, 2008

Bob Ellis, an uberblogger for Australia’s answer to PBS, the Australian

Fire From Heaven

April 30, 2008

Lit without flame by a solar spark, and consuming mere ounces of fuel a day

Relatively Speaking

April 29, 2008

Helen Rittelmeyer writes that : “The Blame Relativism First choir has good

Threat Deflation

April 27, 2008

In Leaderless Jihad, former Foreign Service Officer Marc Sageman, now a

What al Sweilem party it Is

April 23, 2008

In what may count as the first wine commercial starring a Wahabi mullah, Omar

The Debate Is Over?

April 18, 2008

It reflects the state of science on the neocon right that a senior editor of

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